57 Seconds (2023)

In “57 Seconds,” Franklin Fox (Josh Hutcherson), a tech blogger, endeavors to interview tech innovator Anton Burrell (Morgan Freeman). During their meeting, Franklin stumbles upon a unique ring capable of altering time for precisely 57 seconds. Seizing the opportunity, Franklin uses the ring to enhance his relationship with his girlfriend-turned-fiancée (Lovie Simone) and seek revenge against a nefarious pharmaceutical executive (Greg Germann) responsible for a life-altering drug.

This captivating sci-fi narrative introduces a fresh perspective on time travel, treating it more like a drug than a complex mathematical concept. Unlike traditional time-travel stories, “57 Seconds” offers a novel approach that may appeal even to those uninterested in the genre. Josh Hutcherson excels in his portrayal of Franklin, infusing empathy and humanity into a character that could have easily felt underdeveloped. Morgan Freeman and Lovie Simone contribute to the depth of their characters, transcending the limited depth in the script. Freeman’s enigmatic role benefits from his undeniable gravitas, grounding the character in mystery. In summary, “57 Seconds” offers an enjoyable cinematic experience, making it a suitable choice for a Friday night viewing.