Fast X (2023)

Fast X brings Jason Momoa into the franchise as Dante Reyes, a standout villain who adds a unique flavor to the Fast and Furious universe. Reyes not only embodies the quintessential snarling antagonist but also brings a meta-quality to his character, injecting humor precisely when the film teeters toward taking itself too seriously. It’s evident that Momoa relishes his role, making his performance a joy to watch.

John Cena, known for his comedic prowess, shines in this installment, showcasing his charm and humor. His chemistry with Leo Perry, played by an actor portraying Dominic’s son, adds an engaging dynamic to the film. Their interactions provide some of the movie’s most entertaining moments.

The film’s standout action sequence occurs during a Vatican attack, a sequence that holds a unique charm missing from the other set pieces. It features nearly all of the franchise’s long-standing protagonists, delivering the trademark banter, over-the-top reactions, and camaraderie that fans adore.

However, the film is not without its drawbacks. It suffers from an abundance of concurrent storylines, leaving some beloved characters underutilized. Michelle Rodriguez, in particular, deserved more screen time. While these multiple storylines may set up future sequels, it can feel overwhelming and hampers the film’s pacing.

One aspect that may leave fans puzzled is the handling of Brian O’Connor’s character. Despite Paul Walker’s passing, the character’s absence from missions and events feels incongruous with his established persona. The film introduces a villain targeting everyone Dominic loves, but Brian O’Connor remains conspicuously untouched by this threat.

In the end, Fast X is a mixed bag, much like a baseball game with moments of striking success and some wild, uncoordinated swings and misses. While it could have benefited from different choices, it ultimately delivers the signature fast-paced, action-packed spectacle fans have come to expect from the franchise.