No Hard Feelings (2023)

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Get ready for laughs and a unique comedic ride with “No Hard Feelings”! In this Gene Stupnitsky film, reminiscent of his work in “Good Boys,” Jennifer Lawrence shines in a role that perfectly captures her refreshing, honest, and down-to-earth personality.

Maggie, played by Lawrence, faces financial struggles after her car is repossessed. When a unique opportunity arises to help a 19-year-old named Percy (Andrew Barth Feldman) break out of his shell, the film takes an entertaining turn. The story unfolds with quirky situations, exaggerated alienation, and a unique take on identity.

Stupnitsky’s sophomore film may have a slow start, but it picks up its comedic rhythm as the characters develop an ironic and adorable affection. Lawrence’s comedic prowess, ranging from raunchy to sorrowful, adds a refreshing sweetness to the film.

While the film embraces comedic cliches and Hollywood rules, it manages to deliver genuine laughs. Lawrence’s fearless, audacious comedic scenes, including a memorable full-frontal moment, steal the show and keep the audience in stitches.

The movie is not just about laughs; it features a killer piano rendition of Hall & Oates’s “Maneater.” If you’re a fan of R-rated comedies like “Superbad” and “Forgetting Sarah Marshall,” or enjoyed Stupnitsky’s previous work, “Good Boys,” this film is a must-watch.

Jennifer Lawrence and Andrew Barth Feldman’s effective comedic chemistry make “No Hard Feelings” a delightful comedy worth watching. Don’t miss out on the fun and laughter!