Strays (2023)

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Get ready for a one-joke movie that delivers a romp at the end of summer – “Strays.” In this perfectly pithy film, director Josh Greenbaum, known for his out-there comedy in “Barb and Star Go to Vista Del Mar,” strikes a balance with raunchier material.

Starring Will Ferrell as Reggie, an adorably scruffy Border terrier, the film cleverly upends heartwarming dog adventure movie tropes. The chemistry within the voice cast, especially between Ferrell and Jamie Foxx, adds to the enjoyment.

The story kicks off with Reggie’s upbeat narration as he navigates a world where his abusive owner tries to abandon him. As the journey unfolds with the help of trash-talking Bug, the Australian shepherd Maggie, and the Great Dane Hunter, expect cursing, calamitous antics, and surprises.

While the CGI work is mostly seamless, some moments, especially with Bug’s dialogue, might distract. The gross-out gags can be repetitive, but “Strays” redeems itself with a feel-good ending. It offers amusing insights into how dogs perceive the world and adds a refreshing twist to the typical talking dog movie.

Join Reggie and his canine crew for a wild ride in “Strays.” Will this late-summer comedy hit the mark for you? Watch the review and decide for yourself!