The Equalizer 3 (2023)

In The Equalizer 3, Robert McCall, portrayed by the reliable Denzel Washington, finds himself in Southern Italy, only to discover that local crime bosses control his friends. As events take a deadly turn, McCall takes on the mafia to become his friends’ protector.

Denzel Washington, a stalwart in the film industry for over 40 years, brings his undeniable charisma to The Equalizer 3. His wide range of characters, seamless transition between genres, and consistent ability to elevate material are the pillars of his enduring popularity. McCall’s character allows Washington to showcase his charm with a subtle shrug and a wry smile, effortlessly transforming into a menacing force when needed. While the film may fall into familiar territory for some, Washington’s DieHard fans will find immense joy in watching him command the screen.

The story of The Equalizer 3 leaves viewers somewhat conflicted. While not inherently bad, it lacks a sense of completeness, especially considering it’s supposed to be the final chapter for Denzel as Robert McCall. Unlike its predecessors, the films in this franchise have not been interconnected, and the desire to delve deeper into McCall’s character remains unfulfilled. The storytelling, while not a misstep, leaves a sense of unexplored potential.

The action sequences in The Equalizer 3, apart from the opening, disappointingly fall short of expectations. Understandably, Denzel Washington is 68 years old, but previous films in the franchise showcased his prowess in flashy, engaging action. Unfortunately, the action here lacks the intensity and brilliance seen in films like Man on Fire and The Magnificent Seven. It’s a regrettable aspect, given director Antoine Fuqua’s track record in delivering gripping action scenes.

The Equalizer 3 is a good movie, yet it leaves viewers pondering how it could have achieved greatness. It feels akin to a group of friends making a film while on vacation, which has its charm but may disappoint those expecting a grand conclusion to an excellent action franchise. While Washington’s performance remains a highlight, the film falls short in delivering the thrilling action sequences that made the earlier installments shine. As the supposed closing chapter of the franchise, The Equalizer 3 leaves a sense of missed opportunities and unexplored potential.